BMRN prima

After more than half a decade of import, wholesale and distribution of canned tuna and sardines, paying attention to the market demands and fine needs of our valued consumers, we are sure that we have achieved that which were striving for from the beginning – maximum quality at a reasonable and affordable price.

In cooperation with the leaders in the industry of production and distribution of canned tuna and sardines a part of a global chain has finally become available in our domestic offer. By cooperating with the best we made products of the highest quality and with hard work and dedication we have gained certificates in system qualities which guarantee the safety of our food based on the control and analysis of biological/macro biological, chemical and physical samples. This all lead to us achieving HACCP standard, fulfilled European standards as well which all simply translates in guaranteed and safe use of our products.

The recognisability and presence of our GOLD PRIMA brand is a long standing indication that the our guiding idea is successful and that the consumers of our top of the line tuna and sardines have recognized our vision, are gladly returning to our products and are recommending the further.

We are both grateful and proud to have partners that with the years long leader position in worldwide markets are maintaining a high quality standard. We are especially grateful for the ever increasing trust our consumers put in us. It is because of that trust that we feel obliged to hold up to the promise that the idea with which we started and which is are guiding star will open up the possibility for new brands, of equal quality, success and taste.

GOLD PRIMA tuna chunks in oil (170 g, 185 g.)
tunjevina gold prima
Canned tuna in packaging of 170g and 185g. With the finest tuna selections prepared in chunks you can feel all the delight of a light meal. Ever the most popular choice of our customers with it’s rich and characteristic taste it captures the imagination and vision of a tasty meal incorporated into your personal meals achieving a perfect food pleasure.
GOLD PRIMA chunks of tuna in olive oil (140 g.)
tunjevina gold prima
Canned tuna in packaging of 140 g. The best loved product of those that prefer the rich taste of sophisticated tuna of the highest quality enriched with the healthy and tasty addition of olive oil. This tuna is recommended for the entire family as it’s complexity of ingredients suits the needs for vitamins, minerals of our youngest as well as the specific health demands of the elderly.
GOLD PRIMA tuna chunks in natural juice (140 g.)
tunjevina gold prima
Canned tuna in packaging of 170g. A perfectly light meal suited for those who enjoy the most tender tastes. Tuna fish in it’s own natural juice, or water as some call it, will provide with the ideal ratio of nutrients without fat additions and emphasis all the advantages of a fish diet for athletes and those who have the need to reduce fat intake due to personal or health reasons. It is recommended for people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, increased blood cholesterol levels and is part of numerous diets that are based on a minimal fat and maximum vitamin and mineral intake.
GOLD PRIMA Mexican tuna salad (170 g.)
tunjevina gold prima
Canned tuna with Mexican salad in packaging of 170g. Juicy tuna chunks, enriched with Mexican flavors will leave you breathless on the first bite. A mix of vegetables, baby corn, carrot, onion, bell pepper, red beans and white pepper will thrill even the most fastidious gourmet. Intended for all who enjoy a slightly emphasized taste but with an ideal balance will not disappoint even the most demanding customer. This is a ready-made salad, ready to be a part of your everyday ritual no matter where you are.
GOLD PRIMA tuna vegetable salad (170 g.)
tunjevina gold prima
Canned tuna salad with vegetables in packaging of 170g. Tuna chunks mixed with juicy vegetables made as a complete, light, tasty and healthy meal. A harmonious combination of tastes of carefully chosen spices and vegetables emphasizes even more the rich tuna taste.
GOLD PRIMA tuna chunks with mayonnaise (170 g.)
tunjevina gold prima
Canned tuna in mayonnaise sauce in packaging of 170g. A verified good combination now on sale as a ready meal. A complete meal with ideally balanced mix of ingredients will remind you why this is a favorite dish for most.